christie, nate and little olive || costa mesa, ca

One of my favorite families...and another blast from the past. Christie and I were on the yearbook staff in high school together way back when. It was so fun to see her again and photograph her adorable family! Newport back bay was the perfect setting, and Olive gave us a bunch of smiles. :)

community table @ the ecology center || san juan capistrano, ca

Food is one of my favorite things. I grew up around my parents cooking every night. They taught me the value of good quality, whole ingredients and the joy cooking for others can bring. Those values stuck with me over the years which makes it no surprise I ended up spending so much time at The Ecology Center. They recently began a series of monthly farm-to-table dinners, each featuring a local chef and also the farmer responsible for the local ingredients. This dinner was prepared by Chef Richard Mead featuring farmer Alex Weiser. Along with locally grown produce, the meal included beer and bread made from heritage grains grown at Weiser Family Farms in Tehachapi, where they are making a great effort to preserve and grow organic heirloom grains that are naturally drought tolerant and help restore Southern CA's grain growing heritage ( Pretty cool stuff if you ask me!! :) I was so happy to take part and to be around people who are so committed to creating such high quality foods. Here are the photos from last month's dinner. 

baby dylan || mission viejo, california

Meet Dylan and his awesome parents, Carrie and Bob. They are just the cutest family ever. Dylan was so sweet and was so much fun to photograph him. He is long and tall, just like his daddy and has beautiful dark hair, just like mama :) Being true Kings fans, it was only appropriate to capture him in his first Kings hat! He looks so tough. Congrats Carrie and Bob! Your family is adorable. 

baby carter || san jose, california

Welcome to the world baby Carter! My cousin and her husband had their third little adorable toe headed boy at the end of August! Those three boys are so very handsome. Older brothers Chase and Colby were full of energy and loved goofing around in front of the camera! Baby Carter was so sweet and stayed sleepy almost the entire time (woo-hoo!). And, we had to do a fishing themed photo for Brian (xoxo!) and it turned out to be adorable! 

baby josie and big sister emmy || los angeles, ca

These two adorable girls were so much fun to photograph. Baby Josie was just under two weeks old and the perfect little model. Proud older sister Emmy was jumping around most of the time but was so sweet and gentle with her little sister. Congratulations to parents Minh-Chau and Previn. You make such a beautiful family!