baby talia || chino hills, california

Little Talia was 14 days old for our session and such a joy to photograph! Her beaming father is over the moon with this little one, who according to his mother, looks just like he did as a little newborn!! She was just as rosy in person and those bright blue eyes were captivating. I usually hope for more sleeping, snuggly shots, but couldn't get enough of her staring right into my camera! 

christie, nate and little olive || costa mesa, ca

One of my favorite families...and another blast from the past. Christie and I were on the yearbook staff in high school together way back when. It was so fun to see her again and photograph her adorable family! Newport back bay was the perfect setting, and Olive gave us a bunch of smiles. :)

angelo & antoinette || hollywood, california

Meet sweet little Angelo and Antoinette...two of the cutest twins I've ever photographed. They have beautiful big eyes, just like their daddies. :) It was so much fun to capture this family. You can feel the pure happiness and joy just being around them. I love my job. :)